Kerala Lottery Analytics – Most repeated

We at are proud to announce the latest feature addition to our site – Live analytics! We hold the largest digital database of Kerala lottery results and the analytics is based on more than 4,50,000 data points of lottery draws from the year 2008.

Lottery is all about luck. But knowing which number is most lucky may give you an added advantage while playing lotteries. Below is the list of top repeated numbers picked in Kerala lottery draws. This data is live and is updated on a daily basis!

Repetitions Winning Number
72 0229
70 6990
70 6254
70 4956
69 1477
69 2293
69 6211
69 4245
69 0977
69 3630

Disclaimer: These numbers are provided for informative purpose only. These do not guarantee any wins in the coming draws. So, play lotteries responsibly.

Other interesting Kerala Lottery analytics

For any other analytics, request by commenting here. We will try to include them.