How to get lottery results in your email?

This is a guide on how to subscribe to the Kerala lottery email notifications.

1. Towards the end of the lottery results, there is a box like below. Enter your email id where you need the lottery result to be sent. Click on “Send Me!” button.
subscribe to kerala lottery
2. When you click “Send Me!” button, you will now see a new window where you need to enter the characters that you see in the screen. Once these characters are entered, click on the “Complete subscription Request.”
subscribe kerala lottery
3. You will now receive a mail from Feedburner in the email address you provided. The mail will look like the one you see below. Open this mail.
kerala lottery subscribe
4. Here you need to click on the link. <IMPORTANT>
kerala lottery subscribe
5. Your request process is now complete. You will start receiving mails shortly.
kerala lottery subscription
Thanks. Thanks for being a valued web user!